Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold ELITE.5 1700W 5 Channel Amplifier


  • RMS Power Rating at 14.4V, < 1% THD
    • 1x 1100W (Sub / (1Ω)
    • 4x 150W + 1x 700W (2Ω)
    • 4x 100W / 2x 300 (4Ω)
  • Class A/B and D Hybrid Topology
  • 3-fold hand-wound double transformers and high speed MOSFET power supplies
  • for 4, 2 and 1-Ohm stability
  • Premium BurrBrown operational amplifiers and frequency optimized capacitors
  • HighEnd Sanken output transistors (200W) for superb sound quality and dynamics
  • Triple Darlington technology for dynamic headroom and low impedance loads
  • 18dB high/low-pass crossover with 41 detents for exact frequency selection
  • Protective circuit with LED indicator
  • Audio Precision Quality Control Verification
  • Power Output Birth Certificate (up to 20% more than specified RMS)
  • Remote Level Control with Clip Indicator Included
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Phoenix Gold Elite.5 - 5 Channels of Funk

Phoenix Gold ELITE.5 1700W 5 Channel Amplifier

The ELITE amplifiers use only select components - BurrBrown operational amplifiers, frequency-optimized capacitors and thick Sanken end transistors. The result is a fabulous sound that is almost incomparable for a car hi-fi amplifier. The range of dynamic range creates a breathtaking musicality and the astonishingly natural impression of space, as well as the gently reproduction of female voices or the bowed contrabass are convincing.

Oh yes- and it is built solid like a brick house and shines at low impedances without getting sweaty - the ELITE. 5 is probably one of the strongest 5-channel amplifiers ever.

If you want to keep up with the big boys' big systems, you can't do it without an ELITE reference amplifier from Phoenix Gold - and here are the reasons why:

Power specifications

RMS Power Rating at 14.4V & <1% THD
1 Ω 1x 1100W (Sub)
2 Ω 4x 150W (F/R) + 1x 700W (Sub)
4 Ω 4x 100W / 2x 300 (F/R)


Front HighPass 18dB
Rear HighPass 18dB
Front LowPass -
Rear LowPass 18dB
Sub LowPass 24dB
Subsonic 24
Sub Phase Variable Subwoofer Phase Control 0-180°
Phoenix Gold Elite.5 Anschlussterminal vorn

All features at a glance

  • Class A/B & D-Hybrid amplifier

    With the ELITE.5, the channels 1+2 & 3+4 are designed in Class-A/B topology - with an efficiency of 55%. The subwoofer channel in Class-D, with an efficiency of 85%.

  • 3-fold hand-wound double transformers

    The power supply transformers are lavishly hand-wound and, unlike many other amplifiers, have an additional third winding - this ensures significantly higher efficiency and lower transformer operating temperatures.

  • High Speed MOSFET power supplies

    The legendary, unregulated Phoenix Gold dual power supplies provide amps with dynamic reserves and enable stable operation even at 1 Ohm impedances - the power supplies are equipped with no less than 16 high-speed, high-current resistant Infineon MOSFET transistors (IRF-3205). For optimum heat dissipation, these are screwed on both sides with heat sinks - once with the solid housing and on the other side with special MOSFET small heat sinks.

  • Premium BurrBrown Operational Amplifier

    Up to 12 selected BurrBrown operational amplifiers are used for the preparation of the filigree input signals - for maximum resolution and minimum distortion.

  • Frequency optimized capacitors

    The BurrBrown OPAs are supported by audiophile capacitors whose 50kHz frequency band goes far beyond human hearing.

  • High-end Sanken output transistors (200W) for superb sound quality and dynamics

    The huge Sanken output transistors used in the ELITE series are usually only used in real high-end home amplifiers. They switch more than 12x faster than the end transistors normally used in car audio amplifiers (40Mhz vs. 3Mhz). They are more powerful (200W), better suited for low impedance and have a 2.5 times higher surface area to dissipate the heat to the heatsink even more effectively. This amount of effort leads to the best possible sound quality with convincing dynamic reserves and exceptional persistence.

  • Triple Darlington output stage for superior signal amplification

    The triple Darlington circuitry is perfect for amplifying the output signal even at high load (low impedance) with very low distortion. Phoenix Gold has always been right to choose this type of output circuit due to the great sound of the amplifiers.

  • 18dB high/low pass crossovers with 41 detents for exact frequency selection

    All crossovers of the ELITE series are built up with high-quality potentiometers with aluminium shaft and with their 41 detents (clicks) allow a clear and exact setting of the frequency.

  • Clip indicators (Clipping)

    During normal operation, the clipping LED lights up to the beat of music. If the LED lights up continuously (longer than 2 or 3 seconds), the amplifier has exceeded its distortion-free maximum level and you should immediately reduce the volume level to avoid damaging your speakers. The system must therefore be levelled in such a way that the clipping indicator does not illuminate permanently even when the radio is turned up to full power.

  • Protective circuit with LED indicator

    The circuit breaker's LED lights up red when there is a problem with the audio system. If speaker cables are short-circuited or squeezed, the impedance is too low or the amplifier is too hot, the LED lights up.

  • Panel Mounted RCAs

    Sturdy, nickel-plated cinch connections screwed to the housing ensure the best possible connection quality and optimal signal transmission.

  • Massive connection block terminal

    Massive nickel-plated, solid supports for up to 50mm² of power and ground cables provide the amplifiers with the required current without contact resistance. The +12V terminal is connected to the vehicle battery via a fuse - fuse max. 20cm behind the battery! The remote input is controlled by the +12V head unit and GROUND is best connected to a central, well-conducting ground point on the body.

  • Our recommendation for wiring

    Due to the current occurring, the ELITE amplifiers should be configured as follows:
    - Power: 1/0 Gauge (50mm²)
    - Fuse: 150A
    - Speaker: min. 12 Gauge (4mm²)

    For the best possible sound quality, we recommend premium amplifier connection cable sets from the Stinger brand. You will also find these in our accessories.

  • Extruded Aluminum Heatsink with Evenflow Technology

    A temperature-optimised heat sink made of a special aluminium alloy ensures particularly efficient heat radiation and cools the high-quality transistors of the power amplifier particularly effectively.

  • User Adjustable Temperature Controlled Fan Cooling System

    ELITE.2 and ELITE.4 have an ultra-quiet fan for cooling, the speed of which is temperature-dependent. The air flow in the amplifier is blown out of the amplifier along the solid heat sink. A switch on the amplifier can be used to select whether the fan runs continuously, temperature-controlled or not at all.

  • Integrated Cooling via Endcap Vents

    Due to air slots in the side parts of the amplifier, the air can circulate optimally for cooling in the housing - sucked in on one side, it absorbs the heat of the amplifier and leads it out to the other side.

  • Remote control with power & clipping indicator included

    The ELITE series is supplied with a subwoofer level control with power and clip light indicators. Its allow quick adjustments of the bass from the driver's seat.

  • Complex final control of the sound parameters with Audio Precision Equipment

    Each Phoenix Gold amplifier is subjected to an extensive final inspection with audio precision measurement technology - the recognized standard for audio measurement technology. For more than 30 years Audio Precision has been offering excellent audio analyzers and software, supporting Phoenix Gold in the development, testing, customization and production of premium audio components.

  • Hand-signed power output birth certificate with actual measured performance

    Each Phoenix Gold amplifier receives a power output birth certificate with the actual measured performance data before leaving the factory. With the ELITE series, this can be up to 20% higher than the RMS performance specified in the brochure.

  • RMD-ready: Optional display for voltage indication

    Each Phoenix Gold amplifier is designed for connection of the optionally available voltage display and has a Western socket in the housing.

  • EASTEREGG message

    Phoenix Gold engineers have a little surprise hidden on every board of the ELITE series in the form of a message - funny slogans matching the product.

Phoenix Gold Elite.5 Anschlussterminal hinten

Additional Information

Technical data

Front / Rear amplifier rating:

  • RMS Power Rating at 14.4V less than 1% THD
    • 150W x 4 @ 2 Ohm Stereo
    • 100W x 4 @ 4 Ohm Stereo
    • 300W x 2 @ 4 Ohm bridged*
  • Amplifier Topology: Class-A/B
  • Typical efficiency: 55%
  • Frequency response: +/- 1 dB from 10Hz - 50kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 110dB
  • Damping factor: Greater than 200
  • Low level input range: 200mV - 8V
  • Lowest recommended load: 4 Ohm bridged or 2 Ohm stereo
* Reactive Load Measurement


  • High & Low Pass Crossovers: 18dB per Octave
  • High Pass Crossover Range: 20Hz - 4kHz
  • Low Pass Crossover Range: 40Hz - 4kHz

Subwoofer Rating:

  • RMS Power Rating at 14.4V less than 1%THD
    • 1100 x 1 @ 1 Ohm Stereo
    • 700W x 1 @ 2 Ohm Stereo
  • Topology: Class-D
  • Frequency response: 85%
  • Frequenzbereich: +/- 1 dB from 20Hz - 300Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 100dB
  • Damping factor: Greater than 200
  • Low level input range: 200mV - 8V
  • Lowest recommended load: 1 Ohm
* Reactive Load Measurement

Subwoofer Soundtuning

  • Low Pass Crossovers: 24dB per Octave
  • Subsonic Filter: 24dB per Octave
  • Low Pass Crossover Range: 30Hz - 300Hz
  • Subsonic Crossover Range: 10Hz - 55Hz

Power requirements

  • Power supply: 11-15 VDC
  • Closed-circuit current: 1,5A
  • Max. Power consumption: 149 amp

Wiring recommendation

  • Required cable cross-section: 1/0 Gauge (50mm²)
  • Required fuse size: 150 amp


  • Dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 59,2 x 26,7 x 66
Scope of delivery
  • Phoenix Gold ELITE.5 Amplifier packaged in a soft felt protective cover
  • Remote control
  • Amplifier power output birth certificate
Manufacturer Phoenix Gold
Product Type Amplifier
Channels 5 Channel
Power Rating (RMS) 1700W
EAN 4047442067273

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